Who’s That Guy?

Finally! Solid fashion news…’coz honestly, we ain’t feelin’ all the model gossip junk that’s been circulating around lately. I mean, who cares if Gisele wants 4-5 babies, really! (Just so you know, we’re updated but we’d rather spare you :)) 

In any case, we stumbled upon this news of Guy Bourdin‘s upcoming exhibition at The Bon Marché department store in Paris (September 18-October 29). The late French photographer is known for his infusion of surrealist elements into fashion photography (Chanel, Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue). We like his irreverent, nonchalant approach to fashion, and even more so after we found out that he once turned down the Grand Prix National de la Photographie Award from the French Ministry of Culture. He’s good and he knows it!!!


Well, anyway, WWD reports that the exhibition, “Guy Bourdin, Ses Films revisits his short films produced between the Sixties and Eighties. The clips — ranging from studio shoots to favorite locations, “works in progress” to personal moments — will be projected on floating screens in darkrooms, mimicking the surrealism Bourdin captured “by accident” for his fashion-world campaigns.”

Photo: hintmag.com, artnet.com

Summer Love

Hi folks! First and foremost, please pardon the recent lack of updates. I admit I ‘ve been rather negligent but I honestly don’t think there’s anything exciting out there around this time. BUT today (out of boredom) I stumbled upon Garance Dore‘s blog that I’d bookmarked and started looking through her illustrations…again. I’ve been a fan of her work for some time now but every time I look at those images…ahhh! Love the fine lines and those expressive eyes. She does a fantastic job capturing silhouettes and textures too. Simply marvelous! 


Photo: Garance Dore

Prada Fall 09 Look Book

Prada097This is why we don’t agree when people say that the current economic recession has a dampening effect on creativity. On the contrary, we think it’s a blessing in disguise. As designers abandon the convenience of big budget productions for new, exciting and affordable ways to realize their vision, we see creativity rise to an entirely new level altogether. Take Prada’s Fall 09 Look Book for example. The concept of using runway photos for ad campaign etc isn’t new (Donna Karan did that first) but to have someone doodle and/or superimpose graphic images on the models’ face is really fun and refreshing. Not only does it focus your attention on the merchandise, we also like the undercurrent of irreverence and playfulness that run throughout. See if you agree with us. Check out Fashionologie to view the entire gallery. 


Photo: fashionologie

The Dark Of The Matinée V.2

This time around, we’re lucky enough to have 2 extremely talented photographers taking part in the shoot so we decided to juxtapose both perspectives together. Let’s give them a rowdy round of applause, shall we!!! 



Photography: Steve Wahyu

Wardrobe: Proud Parents

Model: Lani Leyli 

The Dark Of The Matinée V.1

Lo and Behold our newest editorial offering. Many thanks to all the generous and talented people involved. 


Photography: Grace Gunawan

Wardrobe: Proud Parents

Model: Lani Leyli

Watch and Learn: Jane Birkin

This is how it should be done! ‘Nuff Said! 


Photo: via modelinia.com

Dazed & Confused Goes 3D

This is interesting. Apparently, the latest issue of Dazed & Confused is presented in 3D! Yup! Not just the cover…the entire magazine! It comes with 3D glasses too! Can’t wait to get our hands on this!!!!! We’re not crazy about Julia Hafstrom‘s expressions but Nicola Formichetti‘s styling is supremely on point with Terry Tsiolis‘ dynamic shots. 


Photos: models.com